Prom Dresses Bought Online Are Complete Fails!

Collage by Twitter | Little___Renee & marrahaley & jjacoby14

We all know that buying something from the internet is not always a good choice, since products are advertised the best way possible, but aren’t the same way when they arrive at your house. Let’s see some prom dresses that were nothing like their internet image.

1. I guess she now realizes that the advertising pic was from some magazine page and not her dress’ image.

Twitter | Morgan_Morris29

2. Anyone could have made a thing like this and with the minimum cost possible.

Twitter | marrahaley

3. The two have similarities in the design, but their shape and the fabrics are just so different.

Twitter | jjacoby14

4. Different fabric, different texture, different design, different color and generally a piece of mess.

Twitter | taylandfrench

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