One Photo Was Enough To Ruin Of These Celebrities’ Careers


When you are a celebrity, paparazzi are behind you 24/7. One wrong move and you are busted. Some of the photos I can understand or at least explain. But, all the others are purely inexcusable and the ones pictured should be really ashamed.

1. Dani Mathers wanted to bully a naked elderly woman in the locker room and she was given 30 days of community labor and 3 years of probation.


2. Not only Kesha peed on the street, but she also took a picture of it so no one would miss the spectacle.


3. Mike Dukakis wanted to show his strong stance on defence, but that photo backfired for him.


4. Shane Gibson was viciously attacked when these photos of him and Anna Nicole Smith appeared. 


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