How Chokers Will Look Like In A Year!

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I only have one thing to say. Chokers have gone way too far lately. I mean, don’t get me wrong, chokers really look great, especially if you have a long, thin neck and they match perfectly with many different kinds of outfits.

However, the thing is, that during the past few years since chokers came on fashion again, these things have been getting bigger and bigger. Like, seriously, have you seen how enormous they are lately? They started out as cute little lacy strips and now they resemble… Oh well, I have to say it! They look like dog collars okay? What will happen during the next few years? Are they going to get even bigger? Who knows?

Here is how I imagine chockers in a few years from now!

On the other hand, they will definately keep your head on place, right? And it’s black and white too, so at least it will match every outfit!


Oh well, at least I hope they won’t look like that!


So, what’s your opinion? Are chokers getting weirder and weirder or is it just me? I sincerely hope I am not too old for today’s fashion! Anyway, how do you think chokers will look on 2018?

What do you think?

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