The 8 Most Jaw-Dropping Rainforests In The World!

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Rainforests have what we call a ‘wild beauty’. They are filled in green, but they also hide many dangers, such as tropical animals, that can prove deadly. Let’s see 8 of the prettiest rainforests around the world that are worth the adventure!

1. Sinharaja Park in Sri Lanka has over 15 Sri Lankan leopards living in it.


2. Daintree Rainforest in Australia is one of the most perplexed ecosystems in the world.

It contains 90% of bats, 3% of frogs and reptiles and 7% of bird species.


3. Appalachian Rainforest in the U.S offers the hikers the opportunity to follow the route from Georgia to Maine.


4. 98,555-hectare swath of land makes up the Harapan rainforest in Indonesia.

It shelters 300 different species of birds and the endangered Sumatran tiger.


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