Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History


What do you prefer? A voluptuous curvy figure like the ones during the renaissance, or a Twiggy-like look like the one during the 60s? In this day and age, we are constantly bombarded by the media about how to get the “ideal body”. But have you ever thought that it didn’t used to be that way?


Throughout history, what’s considered the most desired body type has changed countless times! From super skinny to chubby and from fit to voluptuous, the following video depicts perfectly how the beauty standards change over time.

If you actually think about it, you will realize that there is no such thing us ideal, especially as far as something completely subjective like beauty is concerned. The cast of diverse models you will see in the video below will prove you how dramatically the most “ideal” body standards can change.

So which one is your favourite? Regardless of that though, we definately stand by the belief that all body types are beautiful! The most important thing of all is to treat your body with the love and respect it deserves!

Front image and video YouTube | BuzzFeedVideo


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