Which puppy should you adopt?


Puppies are definately a gift to humanity! They are cute, they are loyal and overall, they are human’s best friends. I mean, don’t get me wrong, kittens are great too, but there is something special about dogs. They are just the best companion you could ever wish for!


So, if you are planning to add another fluffy member to your family, I totally get you! But now, a bigger question arises! Which breed is the right for you? I bet you already know that there are countless of dog breeds and they all vastly differ from each other. That’s why, today, we are going to talk about the most popular dog breeds in order to help you choose which one is the right for you!

Jack Russel Terrier

Image by dinoanimals

These dogs tend to be really active and happy, thirsty for adventure! We are talking about a real hunter right here, eager to learn and explore the world. They are playful and intelligent, but if you are more of the chill-type, maybe you should go for a more easy going puppy.


Image by dogbreedslist

That’s definately a family dog! They are friendly, playful and clean. They are always happy and energetic, without being messy. This dog needs nothing more than love and company!


Image by petclassifieds

If you always felt like a misunderstood royalty, then this is the dog for you. This japanese breed used to be a trademark of noble families and it’s independent and classy. These dogs tend to be indifferent with strangers but very loving with their family members.


Image by nextdaypets

Hands down one of the cutest dog breeds out there, these dogs are smart and obedient. They can easily live with other pets and they are extremely lovey-dovey and dedicated to their family.

Cane Corso

Image by YouTube | Shipley Cane Corso 

Don’t be fooled by this breed’s cuteness. These dogs are guard dogs and will make you feel safe. They are really intelligent and respond great to training. However, they tend to become rather big when they grow up, so if big dogs are not your cup of tea, maybe you should consider another breed.


Image by dogtime

These small framed, german dogs are beautiful and they know it. They want to be the centre of your attention, so don’t you dare to ignore them! If you are opting for a low maintenance dog, you should look for something else.

Yorkshire terrier

Image by mypetspirit

This one is just a minature of a dog, as you can see in the image above and they don’t really grow much. They are a great company, but also an adorable guard since they are cautious with strangers.

Labrador retriever

Image by hiddenpondlabradors

This adorable little puppy will grow up to be a gorgeous, medium sized dog. This breed is extremely intelligent, obedient and loving. They are also very friendly and get along with anyone.

German Sheperd

Image by Pinterest

This is one of the most popular dog breeds and for all the good reasons. They have the hunter’s nobility and the worf’s beauty (they are patially wolves). A proud companion, with a loving side.


Image by dogtime

Pugs are playful, but always down to chill. If you combine this to their small size, you get the perfect appartment dog. No wonder they are so popular!

These were the most popular breeds. However, you have to remember that every dog has their own, unique personality. Even dogs from the same breed can be immensely different from each other! So, it’s essential to meet the dog you are planning to get a few times first. Plus, remember, it’s way better to adopt and save an abandoned animal, rather than buy it and support the cruel breeding industry!

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