Top 8 Best Recipe Websites of The Internet


Every time we want to find a recipe of any kind, the first thing we do is search for it on the internet. The days when we would use cook books have been gone for a long time. My mum, who has the worst relationship with technology, still runs to her books for help, but we are the new generation of people whose bible is the internet. So, let’s check out the top best recipe websites of the Internet!



1. AllRecipes

With over 15 years in business and an estimated 25,000,000 visitors per month, it is voted as one of the most favourite recipe websites. Now, if you have a sweet tooth, you might want to check out The 8 Best Cupcake Shops In New York.


2. FoodNetwork

Food Network is one of the most popular recipe websites due to it’s wonderful ideas, their tutorial videos and it’s daily cooking shows. The 23,500,000 daily visitors don’t lie.


3. Food

With an estimated 15,500,000 daily visitors, Food.com hosts recipes from home chefs after carefully reviewing them.


4. TheKitchn

It’s daily 8,500,000 visitors love it not only for it’s variety in recipes and tastes, but alson for it’s great advice on how to pair food and wine and kitchen organization.


5. Yummly

Yummly is a huge cook book, hosting thousands of recipes from home chefs and other recipe websites. It’s variety will amaze you as much as it’s 7,000,000 daily visitors.


6. Chow

Chow is a website about the participation of everyone. You can post a recipe, write a restaurant and wine bar review and find other great recipes. It’s daily visitors are estimated to be over 6,000,000.


7. Epicurious

Since 1995 and with a great design, Epicurious is one of the best websites to help you organise your holiday’s and big event’s dinner. With an estimated daily visitor number of 4,750,000, it is one of the most loved recipe websites.


8. Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker, the fictional advertisment character, is a perfect guide to every kind of meal and especially desserts. 4,000,000 people around the world visit the website daily for recipes.


So, these were the 8 best recipe websites on the Internet! If you search for your recipes with google, then you may have seen that the first choice almost all of the times is Allrecipes.com. It seems perfect and so full of recipes, that there isn’t a thing that you won’t find in there. But the choice is yours. Mine is Yummly, yours could be some other website.

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