The top 5+1 hairstyle trends for 2017!


Fashion trends change all constantly. No matter if we are talking about shoes, clothes or hair, the what’s in fashion and what’s passé changes all the time and the truth is that, sometimes, it is quite hard to keep up with all that.


However, that’s what we are for right? To help you see the latest trends on the runaway and choose the best hairstyle for you, that is both fashionable and great looking. So, with no further adue, let’s just dive right into today’s subject and see what the top hair trends are right now, shall we?

Low ponytale

Image by fashionising

Low ponytales are definately so hot right now! They are extremely easy too! You can rock it with completely straight hair, but you can also add a bit volume and wave to them if you want to. They’ll still look amazing

2. Finger waves

Image by ediva

Finger waves, the popular retro curly hairstyle from the 20’s is back in fashion and looks great! It’s not as intense as it used to be but it’s just perfect either way!

3. Hair knots

Image by fashionising

4. Side parting

Image by holy-chic 

5. Short bangs

Image by special-hairstyles

6. The hair flip

Image by Pinterest

So, these were the top 6 hairstyle trends on the runaway. In my opinion they all look cute and they are also quite doable and everyday-like, if you compare them at least with what we are used to seing in runaways. What do you think?

Front image | ediva


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