Top 10 Most Interesting Viral Videos Of All Times


In the past when something happened in the world people would be informed from the newspapers or the radio or the news on television. Nowadays even TV has been left behind on how fast it can announce the news. Internet is the fastest media in reproducing everything that happens in the world.


Another power of the internet is its ability to make things viral, which means that a video or a person or even a picture can be world famous in the blink of an eye. That fame might not be long lasting in all cases, but it proves that the internet holds a huge power over what we are throwing our attention on.

This article is about some of the most interesting viral videos that have even appeared on the internet. It is just a top 10, so if you don’t see some videos that you already had in mind don’t get mad. There have been so many viral videos that it would require a top 100 to put them all in!

This is the top 10 of the most viral videos of all time

I don’t know if those people set as a goal to go viral with their videos, but they will forever be in people’s memories for their unique reason that made us laugh.

Front image | watchmojo

Video Youtube | WatchMojo.com


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