Places That Everyone Should Add to Their Bucket List!


Have you ever wondered which are the most unique and utterly majestic places on the planet? I mean, we’ve seen some pretty amazing places, but where can we find those that could really leave someone with their mouth hanging for about an hour? I often make that question in my head and every time I search the internet to find these magnificent places and once again I have gathered for you some of these jaw-dropping places.

1. Iguazu Falls are over 270 in total number and they create the boundaries between Brazil and Argentina.


2. The Hardanger Fjord in Norway and Trolltunga rises up to 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatnet


3. Antigua in Guatemala is one of the most colorful cities you will ever see and the volcanoes above the town are scary and spectacular at the same time.


4. If you want one of the best hiking trails, The Narrows in Utah’s Zion Natural Park is exactly what you are looking for.

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