Dimitra Kotronia

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When Americans taste exotic Asian dishes…

America like many other countries like it's food cooked. This is the main difference between the nation and the Asians. They just eat so many things uncooked and even alive. I haven't looked into the reason why they eat so many things uncooked, but I guess it's in their culture.

But the issue isn't only in their uncooked meals, but also in the ones that they cook. They have some very weird dishes, like balut, which is a boiled egg with the little chicken inside. I have never tasted that, but something tells me that it is better if I stay away.

Some American decided not to stay away and accepted the challenge to taste some of the most exotic Asian food. Their reactions are priceless and we can all feel that this exact reaction of their could and probably would be ours.

Tasty huh? ''Life is an adventure, so why not do that as well?'', they thought. Did they regret it. Some of them might have, some others might have not. But it's a sure thing that they would never choose to eat any of the dishes they tried out.

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