The Most Incredible Spinach Salad


I realize that vegetables aren’t most people’s favourite thing to eat. But if they are accompanied by eggs, bacon, mushrooms and a delicious hot bacon dressing, it can really carry you away and become a lunch or dinner favourite.I tried this recipe at a family dinner 2 weeks ago. I was trying to find a salad that wasn’t very unique and weird but basic, with materials that we can easily find in the closest store or we already have in our fridge. When I saw this recipe I said ‘hey, this looks easy’ and I decided to go with it. Everyone at the table loved it and needless to say it disappeared in a few minutes. 


We fry the bacon until it’s crispy and we keep the grease aside

Image by yummly

We brown the onion along with the bacon greece until it gets soft

Image by yummly

We mix all ingredients together and pour the dreesing on top

Image by yummly

This is the recipe of the spinach salad

See? It is so easy and delicious that it can be eaten as a whole meal. You can make it just for yourself and your everyday lunch. But if you have a dinner to prepare for the family and you want to really impress them with your skills, this is the right salad to make!

Front image | arcticgardenstudio


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