This Is How Hot Dogs Are Made


Have you ever wondered what is the process from which hot dogs are being produced? Why do they have that particular color and what is that shiny, gelatin-y thing that covers them? When I first watched this video, about 2 years ago, I was disgusted with the food companies that dare to give the people food like this. I am not an avid hot dog eater, but I occasionally eat these small sausages. This is why I promised myself to eat them as rarely as possible.


Meat is mixed with water, starch and other sweetenings

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This is the final mixture that is made into hot dogs, the famous ‘pink slime’

Image Youtube | KlingonSpider

The final step when hot dogs are stored to dry

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This is how hot dogs are made!

About 2 years ago that this video surfaced, everyone was talking about this pink slime, from which hot dogs are being made. Are you gonna ignore the ugly truth of what we eat or you’re gonna start treating your body with a little more respect?

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