This Dog’s Hilarious Bad Run Has Gone Viral


Before watching this video I had no idea that there was a competition where dogs had to overcome a few obstacles like horses do. But, life is full of surprises. We all watch on YouTube funny videos, where dogs fall or have silly accidents. I mean these videos are hilarious. The big difference with this fall is that it happened in a public place and it was filmed by multiple cameras and frankly the dog couldn’t care less! Scroll down for the video below to see for yourself!


The beginning was so glorious

Image by viralvideos

The dog even surpassed some of the most difficult obstacles

Image by kokefm

But, bad luck was waiting for him near the end

Image by kokefm

Hilarious jack russell goes crazy with excitement at crufts

When there are videos like this online, you have nothing to worry about. Whenever you’re feeling sad you watch a video like this and you magically feel better!

Front image | mirror


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