DIY Glow In The Dark Nail Polish!


Painting your nails isn’t just a part of beauty, it’s a way to create art! And as you probably already know, art is exciting and has no kind of limits, whatsoever. And just like it happens with any kind of art, sometimes, you can find yourself in a continious loop of repetition, stuck in a swamp of no creativiness or inspiration.


However, the good thing is that the internet can help you reach out to all the nail artist gurus out there who always come up with new tecniques. Plus, there are always new trends invented all the time for you to try out.

In the video below, we have one more for you! It’s fun glowy and, overall, amazing! We are talking about a unique DIY project right here: DIY glow in the dark nail polish! Care to find out? Well, if so, click the play button on the following video and check this new trend out!

Wow it wasn’t that difficult after all and it definately looks amazing! That’s a must try DIY right here, ladies!

Front image and video YouTube | cutepolish


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