The Craziest Viral Hair Trends Of 2017!

Collage by theluxuryspot | fashionisers | totalbeauty


2017 is almost half-gone, but the crazy trends are so many that we feel like it’s almost over. The point is that this year’s crazy hairstyles that have gone viral, have really amazed us and attracted us for the most weird of reasons.


1. Pastel hair color is the newest viral trend and we will see for how long it will last.


2. We talked about UV hair earlier this year and the talk isn’t over yet.

Pinterest | Katrina Reuss

3. Undercuts, with glitter or without, are something to really brag about if you got it.

Pinterest | Chasity Yocum

4. Stenciling is also a trend that we saw earlier this year and it still creates too much of a buzz!


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