The craziest animal fights caught on camera


Animals are no different than humans. They can be sweet and tender, but can easily go mad if you make  them angry. Okay, they are a bit different because when they fight they go for blood, compared to us humans that we mostly yell and curse.


When two animals fight, it’s either because of food or because of maintaining their territory. The males also fight about who will get to have sex with the female and fertilize her. What can be taken for granted is that their fights are epic and bloody.

When I mention food as a reason to fight I mean it in two ways. First, animals sometimes fight about who will get to the same food first and eat it. Secondly, bigger animals try to hunt down smaller animals to eat them. As you can understand, both ways are equally angry and vicious.

These are the 10 craziest animal fights ever

I would enjoy it so much if one day I would be able to watch with my own eyes a fight like the above. They look horrible and terryfying, but that’s the thing with nature. No matter how wild it may look, it attracts us.

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