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Cats with hats look adorable!


Cats are amazing! They are cool and very independent, but on the other hand they can be really cute and playful! Every cat person will agree with me. If you are a dog person, however, there is a high chance that you are under the impression that cats are cold, heartless creatures.


This notion relies on the fact that cats are not as needy as dogs but the truth is, that it couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, cats can be adorable and silly, just like every other for-legged friend. You don’t believe us? Well, I figured that you wouldn’t, that’s why I have created the collection below, full of adorable cats with hats. I bet it will change your mind about this whole thing!

1. That’s a preppy cat right here!

Image by about.cats

2. Oh captain my captain!

Image by godaddy

3. It looks so happy!

Image by Youtube | Audio Productions

4. That’s hilarious!

Image by about.cats-paradise

5. This cat has swag!

Image by photographyblogger

6. This one doesn’t look too happy!

Image by aprilpug

7. What a gentleman!

Image by Pinterest

8. Definately the best one

Image by Pinterest

Aren’t those cats the cutest thing ever? Well, I bet you now realize how amazing cats can be and that’s great!

Front image by womanfreebies


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