How Can Someone Wash Their Hair In Space?

YouTube | NASA Johnson


There are many things that we wonder how someone can do them in space. Washing your hair is one thing. How can people that are up there do it? How easy and comfortable is it? All these questions are about to be answered!


Karen keeps a bag of warm water, which she puts on her scalp carefully, so it won’t disappear!

YouTube | NASA Johnson

Then she applied the no-rinse shampoo and pushes it to the ends of her hair.

YouTube | NASA Johnson

After that, she uses her towel to rub her hair, so that she can get some of the dirt out.

YouTube | NASA Johnson

Karen shows us how to wash our hair in space!

It doesn’t seem as hard as I thought. Especially when you are used to it, everything seems way easier than they may appear to someone who is unaware and inexperienced.


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