This Is How You Can Get Lavender Hair!

Collage by color.hair.dont.care | Ninja Cosmico | websta.me


How awesome is lavender hair? It may be hard until you achieve the perfect shade and it may fade a little too soon, but as long as it’s there it is magical and creates a very vibrant feeling.


Even if your hair is platinum blonde, you might need to apply a toning shampoo on it.

YouTube | Drew Disaster

This is a mixture of purple hair dye, conditioner and some neon pink for a warmer tone.

YouTube | Drew Disaster

Drew applies the dye on a blonde wig, since she has already done enough damage to her own hair…

YouTube | Drew Disaster

How to get lavender hair

Just keep in mind that you might not get the perfect color the first time you dye it. You might need to repeat the procedure in the parts that the dye wasn’t very successful.


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