Beauty Trends From 2016 That We Ditched In 2017!

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Some trends are fun, some trends are gorgeous, some trends are weird and some trends are simply terrinble and stupid. These last trends are the ones that we have ditched in 2017 and if some of you haven’t yet, you should immediately!


Remember freckling? Terrible, terrible idea and we are glad that it’s over!


When Miley Cyrus dyed her armpit hair, the whole beauty world was taken over by this crazy trend.


Remember the 100 hundred layers of makeup challenge? I’d like to forget everything about it. 


Trends of 2016 we should ditch in 2017!

I don’t know how they do it and manage to surpass each year in stupidity and weirdness, but they do. Let’s see what this year would be like when it ends!


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