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The 9 Worst Photoshop Mistakes




I admit that, as a photoshoper myself, sometimes you get carried away. But, as long as you realise it on time, it’s fine. In an effort to reach the best possible result, sometimes you overdo it and erase things that you probably shouldn’t. For example, limbs, arms and legs. So, let’s see the terrible and very obvious mistakes that have been made in photoshop!


1. Well, that’s just racist

Two different companies, the first Microsoft in the U.S and the second in Poland, use the same picture for their campaigns, but with a major difference.

Bored Panda

2. Forgot something?

Let’s say that the photoshop editor forgot to erase what was left of the handbag. Nobody else checked the photo before it got published? I mean it’s the Victoria Secret’s!

Bored Panda

3. The one legged model

Such a successful model like Doutzen Kroes would have never imagined that someone at some point would be so unsatisfied with her leg and erase it from a photo.


4. The giraffe model

And you thought the only the Kayan people had such long necks. Well the above picture shows that when you advertise accesories you have to know all the tricks to achieve the best result possible…

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