8 Photos That Will Restore Yout Faith In Humanity


The world is a very cruel place. And as far as we go it becomes even more cruel and hateful. This is why we need some good examples to give us hope and prove that humanity is still on the table and has not left us people. I truly believe that we can still be good human beings and forget about the things that divide us and concentrate only on the matters that unite us. These 8 photos above prove in a glorious way that people can be humans when they want to!


1. Saving a drowning dog

This man jumped in the sea, when he saw this dog was in real danger and almost drowned.

Image by thechive

2. Good spirit

Being an athlete is about good spirit and love for the other athletes. This woman proved it when she stopped to help another athlete that fell. Let it be noted, that if she hadn’t stopped she might have ended in first place.

Image by dailymail

3. Saving kittens

This man saved a bunch of kittens who where drowning in the flooded road.

Image by business2community

4. A flower for a soldier

Even during war time, this little girl does not forget her love for humanity and she gives this soldier a flower.

Image by reddit

5. Free meals for the homeless

If every food business did something so generous, maybe the homeless would stop dying on the streets.

Image by pinterest

6. Saving a goat

When this goat tripped and fell into the sea, this man jumped in to save it despite the huge waves that were crashing on the rocks.

Image by imgur

7. Running the marathon

This is not just a dad. He is a real hero, showing his little kid what real heroes look like.

Image by beliefnet

8. Boston marathon

After the bombing in the Boston marathon everyone showed their humanity by helping as much as they could those who were in much need of attention and medical help.

Image by inspiration

As you can see, people remember they are humans in big crises and scary events. I say we should start remembering our humanity every single day and never forget that someday we will need the help of someone as somebody might be needing ours right now.

Front image | reddit


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