Having a clean face and a soft skin has always been a trouble for girls. Ance, dry or oily skin, blackheads etc have become a nightmare for us. This is why many girls tend to use different types of face masks in order to make their skin look better.


As there are different types of skins, each DIY mask has a different effect on it. In case you want your skin to look brighter all you have to do is mix together 2 tbsp of milk and 1 of tomato juice but if you want to clear up your skin mix 2 tsp honey and 1 lemon juice. If you hate having an oily skin you better mix 2 tbsp of aloe vera jel and 1 of turmeric. The results will surpise you. Now in order to tighten your skin, 2 tsp coffee and 2 tsp honey will have magical results on you. Trust me.

If you find it difficult to deal with blackheads you should mix 1 tsp lemon juice and 1 egg white. Yes, it’s that simple. Moreover, 2 tbsp yogurt and 2 tsp lemon juice will give you a glowing skin. Now if you want your skin to look – and be- healthy use 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1/4 turmeric. 2 tbsp honey and 1tsp cinnamon will help clear up the ance.

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These masks are the best DIY face masks ever. They are inexpensive and easy to make. But you have to remember that in order to have the perfect skin you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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