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The 8 Best Cupcake Shops in New York City



When a foreigner wants to eat a cupcake in New York City, the first place they will hear about or find on the internet as the best place is Magnolia. This place made the cupcake famous but its fame doesn’t make it the best cupcake shop in the whole city of New York. That’s why you always have to look for alternatives.


1. Billy’s Bakery, Yellow Daisy Cupcake

Having stores in Chelsea, Tribeca and the Plaze food mall, Billy’s Bakery was born with the sole goal to offer the people authentic baked goods. Their moto is ”Billy’s is here to make life a little sweeter”.


2. Baked, Lemon Drop Cupcake

Either you are in Brooklyn or Tribeca you will enter a shop that is not about only cupcakes. The owners, Matt and Renato, made their passion about cakes and coffee a reality and they serve some of the best products of this category.


3. Prohibition Bakery, Pretzels & Beer Cupcake

Placed in Clinton Street this cupcake shop is as the two owners call it ”New York City’s original alcoholic cupcake company”. Want to drink and eat at the time? This is your place!


4. Buttercup Bake Shop, Strawberry Cupcake

This dessert paradise opened in 1999 and since then it has been met with great success. Martha Stewart, Al Roker and Hillary Clinton are some of the famous people that have tasted it’s incredible cupcakes.


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