5 most terrifying animals in the world!


Scientists have claimed that there are approximately 8,7 million animal species living on this planet with us. Some of them are cute -dogs, cats- but some of them are not at all. There are plenty of scary species living among us that we haven’t even thought that such creatures do exist.


Animals as such, might be so scary that people would thought that they came out of a scary movie. But no. These animals do not belong to someone’s imagination, they are real. So, let’s take look at the 5 most scariest, horrifying, dangerous animals of this wonderfoul world we live in. 

 1. Goliath Tigerfish

Image by animalplanet

Even the look of it makes you pee yourself. This fish lives in the African waters and it’s diet consists of smaller fishes and humans as well. This large-toothed, highly predatory fish grows to a length of 1.5 metres and a weight of 50 kilograms.

 2. Lobster moth caterpillar

Image by creepyanimals

I can’t even look at it.

 3. Cthulhu Larva

Image by flabber

If you’re watching this while eating … I’m very sorry.

 4. Uroplatus Phantasticus

Image by wired


 5. Wolf fish

Image by relativelyinteresting

This picture gives you nightmares …

So that was the list with the 5 scariest animals living on Earth. Would you dare to pet one of them? Me neither.

Front image by | relativelyinteresting creepyanimals animalplanet


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