The 5 most important job interview tips!


Realizing what your dream job is can be a real struggle, but what could be considered as even more difficult than that, is actually getting it. The whole job seeking process can be quite straining no matter what your age or profession of choice is. Even if your cv is great, you will soon come to an understanding that not only the typical qualification matter.


One of the most critical (and nerve racking) steps you have to make in order to acquire the job you always wanted is the interview. Many questions arise after you have scheduled one and they can vary from: “What should I say?” to “What should I wear?” and they are all legitimate causes of worrisome. But here is where we jump in, with some helpful tips that will make your upcoming job interview a guaranteed success. Let’s begin!

1. Be on time

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Okay, this one is pretty self-explanatory. If you can’t be on time, on your job interview then who can take you seriously. If you want to be percieved as professional what you have to do is to arrive 5-10 minutes earlier than your appointment. Not too early but certainly not late!

2. Dress to impress

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This is your time to shine! You don’t want to meet your future boss looking like a slob. Choose a professional, but simple attire, and you will do great. The picture above is a very good indicator on what you should go for. And remember! Your outfit should be fierce and make you feel like the confident and professional adult that you are!

3. Beware of the handshake!

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Believe it or not, good handshake skills may predict the results of your next job interview. Recent research suggests that having a good handshake influences the opinion of those interviewing you. That’s why you should go for a firm, confident but not bone crashing handshake. Let’s hope that your hands are not sweaty!

4. Do some research and show what you know

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Before you go to your interview, it is mandatory that you do some research about the company first. You don’t want to seem uninterested and clueless! During the interview, try to use your acquired knowledge and relate what you know about the company when answering questions. This is the key to success!

5. Stay calm!

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You see the image above? That’s exactly what you need to avoid. I know it’s difficult to be calm in this kind of situations, but try to turn all your nervousness into mild excitement. After all, you know what they say: Fake it till you make it!

That was all folks! And remember, the key is to seem interested, professional and confident. Now go out there and get the job you deserve!

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