The 18 most unexpected animal friendships


For some people animals are far more likable than people. And how can you blame them when you see the animosity that people show for each other in everyday life and in the biggest crises in our society?


Animals have proven that they know what real friendship means and how to properly show it to one another and towards humans. The pictures below show that even animals with the biggest differences in appearance can be friends or at least friendly with each other. They don’t need to belong in the same family or have the same size or colour. All they need is will to love and admire one another. Look how cute they are!

1. A Fox and a Cat

Image by boredpanda

They might belong in the same family but this image is not something that we see quite often.

2. A Cat and a Parrot

Image by

Well I guess everyone needs a bigger and a smaller friend respectively. They seem to be the perfect sleep buddies.

3. A Chimpanzee and a Baby Tiger

Image by boredpanda

Aren’t this chimpanzee’s parent instincts admirable? It sure shows it’s warm heart and feelings.

4. A Dog and an Owl

Image by boredpanda

I think this is clearly an exploitative relationship, with the owl taking advantage of the dog for a seat on the couch and some TV.

5. An Elephant and a Dog

Image by boredpanda

Who wouldn’t love to have an elephant friend? Seeing the world from a higher place is always refreshing.

6. An Elephant and a Sheep

Image by pinterest

It seems to me that these two buddies don’t have anybody else to hang out with, so they have no other choice but to like each other.

7. A Frog and a Mouse

Image by rumidays

I can guess what the mouse is thinking: ”Hey! Look at me! I just a free boat ride!”.

8. A Dragon and a Cat

Image by boredpanda

This cat seems to have lost completely it’s instinct to catch mice, snakes and animals of this kind. And can you blame it? It is being fed too good to spend time catching other animals.

9. A Lion, a Tiger and a Bear

Image by boredpanda

That’s a friendly threesome that you only see once in a lifetime. These three giants could really run the animal world.

10. A Pigeon and a Monkey

Image byboredpanda

This baby monkey seems to be in need of love and attention, which it found to that adorable pigeon.

11. A Chicken and the Puppies

Image by boredpanda

I guess the chicken is an animal with strong maternal instincts. It will offer protection and love to any baby that seems to be in need of them.

12. A Tiger and a Baby Pig

Image by dailymail

Who said the tiger and the pig are two animals who don’t need love and hugs? Everyone needs someone to hold on to and give love to.

13. A Hippopotamus and a Turtle

Image by express.co.uk

Okay this is an agreement that all turtles make with the hippos. I mean if you are that big and heavy what’s it to you to give me a lift to the other side of the river?

14. A Puppy and a Bunny

Image by pinterest

That image is just too dreamy! The two cutest baby animals hugging and showing love for each other. Wish I was in the middle.

15. A Bunny and a Baby Chicken

Image by pinterest

I have no idea how these two creatures can communicate, but they seem to have found the road to friendship.

16. A Cat and a Macaca

Image by xaroumenes-istories

The first impression by looking this picture is that the macaca is protecting the cat. But if you really take a look at the cat’s eyes, you realise that she ain’t playin’. She will bite if anyone goes near her friend.

17. A Baby Kangaroo and a Wombat

Image by boredpanda

These two lovely creatures are learning from the early stages of their life that they should love and respect everyone.

18. A Fox and a Rooster

Image by pinterest

Now this is a shocking image! If the dad of this fox was near that viewing, he would yell ”What the hell are you doing son? Just kill that rooster?”.

Maybe we humans must take an example out of animals and start to bridge our differences. We should focus on what makes us the same and not what differentiates us. If animals, the irrational beings of this world, can do it, what is it that stops us humans, the rational ones?

Front image | sheknows


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