The 12 best pictures of 2016 from National Geographic


Being a photographer isn’t a simple occupation. And especially when you work for National Geographic, sometimes you have to deal with challenging situations and even dangers. Along with trying to stay alive, you have to take the most incredible picture you can in just a few seconds.


That is why I find if very important to say a big ”bravo” to the photographers who travelled the world in 2016 and managed to give the world some of the most amazing and beautiful pictures of mother nature. There was this one picture of a girl refugee that really touched me. Sometimes it’s not about the beauty of something, but about it’s disgusting ugliness. Let’s scroll down to see my personal 12 best pictures of the past year.

12. Vessel Life

Image by nationalgeographic

To track changes in sea ice, the Norwegian research vessel Lance drifted along with it for five months in 2015, on a rare voyage from Arctic winter into spring.

11. The Storm Night

Image by nationalgeographic

As an evening storm lights up the sky near Wood River, Nebraska, about 413,000 sandhill cranes arrive to roost in the shallows of the Platte River.

10. River Jumping

Image by nationalgeographic

Steven Donovan, flipping into a pool, took a seasonal job at Glacier National Park to sharpen his photography skills.

9. Turtle Shelter

Image by nationalgeographic

Tortoises jockey for shelter from the sun. They will cook in their shells if they remain in the heat for too long.

8. Time to Eat

Image by nationalgeographic

A young Rüppell’s vulture eats a piece of zebra in the Serengeti. More dominant birds have taken their fill of the choice meat, leaving the skin and bones for other birds.

7. The Farm People and the Spider Monkey

Image by nationalgeographic

Indigenous people farm and hunt in Peru’s Manú forest but only for their own subsistence. Spider monkeys are a favorite quarry—and also favorite pets.

6. A Girl Refugee

Image by nationalgeographic

Isra Ali Saalad moved from Somalia to Sweden with her mother and two siblings. “The reason we came to this country is because it is safe,” says her sister, Samsam.

5. Coral Reefs in Cuba

Image by nationalgeographic

Silversides swirl through mangroves in the coral reefs off Cuba. The finger-size fish form large schools to try to confuse predators.

4. Bloody Beak

Image by nationalgeographic

Blood drips from a Rüppell’s vulture’s beak. The neck and head are sparsely feathered, which helps keep gore, guts, and fecal matter from clinging in a deep carcass dive.

3. Bears on the Run

Image by nationalgeographic

In Alaska, a mother grizzly and her cubs cause a “bear jam” on Denali’s 92-mile-long Park Road, open to private vehicles only five days each summer.

2. The Girl and the Tamarin

Image by nationalgeographic

A pet saddleback tamarin hangs on to Yoina Mameria Nontsotega as the Matsigenka girl takes a dip in the Yomibato River, deep inside Peru’s Manú National Park.

1. The Panda

Image by nationalgeographic

Ye Ye, a 16-year-old giant panda, lounges in a wild enclosure at a conservation center in China’s Wolong Nature Reserve.

As you can see the life of a National Geographic photographer isn’t easy. He or she have to put themselves in front of a number of dangers in order to capture an image that will amaze us and give as a new piece of information about the incredible world we live in.

Front image | National Geographic


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