10 Inspirational quotes from songs to make your day



Have you been feeling down lately? Have you been wondering if you’re good enough or not in order to achieve whatever you want? If yes, well what’s a better way to cheer up than to listen to some of the most inspirational songs of all time?!


Well, it has been scientifically proved that music is the best and the most effective cure to sadness and depression. So, no more worries!

1. Demi Lovato – Skyscraper

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We’ve all know that whenever we’re feeling sad, Demi’s songs will be there for us. Her songs are designed to make us feel confident and self-esteemed and this is why we adore her.

2. Shakira – Try Everything

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Featuring in an animated movie named ‘’Zootopia’’ Shakira’s song ‘’Try Everything’’ teaches us that we should always keep going no matter if we fail, because obviously that doesn’t mean that everything is over. It simply means we should try harder.

3. Katy Perry – Rise

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Every single lyric from this song give us thrills! A song about confidence and constant effort! Include that in your daily playlist please!!

4. Katy Pery – Part of me

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Another song from Katy to remind everyone that women can do as great as men.

5. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger

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A confidence anthem.

6.  Christina Aguilera – Beautiful

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Unfortunately, pretty much every woman worries about her appearance. But the things is that , since every woman is unique, we shouldn’t worry about that because we all are beautiful. And if you don’t believe me listen to Christina she knows better…

7. Fergie – Big girls don’t cry

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No caption needed. Just listen to this masterpiece.

8. P!nk – Perfect

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It simply doesn’t matter what people say. If P!nk says you’re perfect, listen to her.

9.  Lady Gaga- Born this way

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Lady Gaga is one of the most inspiring celebrity of all time and her song ‘’Born this way’’ is here to prove why…

10.  Taylor Swift- Shake it off

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Our girl Tay teaches us how to slay; with her song ‘’Shake it off’’ we can all just shake shake shake cause haters gonna hate hate hate….


It is understood that when being down all you wanna do it lay in bed and do absolutely nothing but – let’s be honest- this will not help. Instead you can listen to music – which is an easy thing to do – and I can assure you that after a couple of songs you will be jumping onto your bed while dancing to the rhythm.

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