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The 10 Most Embarrassing Drunk Photos

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When people get drunk they lose their ability to think clear and do things that they wouldn’t usually do. They become reckless, they can’t walk straight and they fall down a lot, even if they are walking on a straight surface. It has its fun, but when that is gone all you are left with is an upset stomach and a terrible headache. You become best friends with the toilet seat and you sleep in the bathroom floor. So, check out the 10 most embarassing drunk photos EVER!


1. When you can’t stop laughing


2. Ready for action

When you are so drunk, that you are literally trashed.


3. Comfortable

When you are drunk, you are looking to find a position that is the most comfortable for you. This girl has found her most comfortable state.


4. Drive safe

The thing isn’t only to arrive safe at your destination, but also to get out of the car in one piece.


5. She hates chairs

If you look around you will see a bunch of chairs. But, no, she prefered this big boiler.


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