10 Awesome TV and Movie Themed Desserts


I just adore the way pastry making has evolved the past 10-15 years. You can go to a cake shop and show them the most complex and difficult-looking cake design and they will say that there is no problem for them to make it for you. The cake business has evolved into a form of art. You need big experience and training in order to be able to make perplexed cakes. These are 10 of the best cake designs, inspired by TV series or films.


1. Batman


2. The Jigsaw

If anyone out here is listening, this is the cake I want for my birthday party!


3. Minions

I don’t know a kid or even a teenager, who wouldn’t be amazed by seeing this cake coming with lighting candles on top!

Image by thecakinggirl

4. Madagaskar


5. Superman


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